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  img "Metro travels is an authorized Hajj & and Umrah agent"  
     The following is a list of general requirements for Umrah applicants from the USA specified by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, all rules are subject to change: Please click this link for further information: click here

img The applicant should be either a permanent resident or citizen of the United States. Those on U.S. visas should inquire with our agency to verify if they are eligible to apply.

img An applicant must submit an Umrah visa application form accompanied by 2 recent standard color passport size photograph with white background.

img A married couple applying for Umrah visas should attach copies of their marriage certificates and/or copies of the birth certificates of their children.

img For women traveling alone, the following is required:
     o Must be above the age of 45 to travel alone
     o A permission letter from husband or mahrem, signed and stamped by notary.

img Umrah visas are granted free-of-charge by the embassy. However the Hajj ministry charges a fee to all authorized agents along with our service charge.

img For those who recently embraced Islam and have not previously performed Umrah or Hajj, a 'Certificate of Conversion' to Islam is required.
  In addition to Hajj & Umrah, we provide processing for transit, business and family visit visas to the Kingdom. Please inquire for further details Click here  
  For further information on specific countries, please Click here  
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